Oil & Gas

  • Platform Supply Vessel

    For general support of offshore platforms; supply and firefighting duties. Propulsion: twin azimuth thrusters, diesel-direct or diesel-electric.

  • Anchor Handling Tug Supplier

    For supporting floating rigs. Deep water anchor handling, ocean towage, supply and firefighting duties. Propulsion: conventional twin-screw on nozzles, diesel-direct, diesel-electric or hybrid drives.

  • Multi Purpose Vessel

    For a wide range of offshore tasks such as accommodation support, conducting surveillance, fighting oil spills, buoy handling and crane operations. Propulsion: twin azimuth thrusters or screws, diesel-direct or diesel-electric.

  • Offshore Carrier

    For transport & installation works. Offers a flexible modular solution for offshore installation works. Propulsion: twin azimuth thrusters with DP2/DP3 possibilities.

  • Escape Gear Ship

    For providing a quick reaction first response capability to support a disabled submarine and retrieving escapees from the water.


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