Patrol & Combatants

  • Offshore Patrol Vessel

    For maritime security operations, patrol, search and rescue, firefighting, fishery and environmental protection, and assistance in operation in all waters.

  • SIGMA-class Frigate

    The larger SIGMA-Class vessel for traditional naval tasks such as: surveillance operations, embargo operations, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, anti-air warfare, heli operations, maritime security operations and humanitarian aid operations. Propulsion: Twin Diesel.


  • Joint Support Ship

    For maritime security operations, support of land operations, strategic transport, amphibious operations, disaster relief and joint forces command centre. Logistic support of maritime forces at sea. Propulsion: DE 4.

  • Sail Training Vessel

    For training Navy cadets in all aspects of sailing, navigation and teamwork. Rigging options include 3- and 4-masts, full-rig or barque-rig.

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