Art of Crafts Exhibition at MEGA

17 Jan 2017

The Art of Crafts Exhibition featured works by 23 members of MEGA team – from navo-models to quilling, puzzles to sketches, jewelries to arrases, stone compositions to felt decorations, piping lamp to lego toys, photography to poetry, rope decorations to competition trophies, icons to haiku & haiga.

  • While questions and definitions of craft abound, most people understand the craft object to be something made by hand, that is aesthetically powerful and can contribute to the enhancement of life and place. As a way of making, craft, as a category of objects and activities, contributes to the economic well-being of individuals or communities. As a type of communication, craft is about materials being transformed, about problems being solved and tasks being met. Craft is about creativity and exchange. It is about the history and the unfolding of time and it is about engaging with and existing in the world.

    We are happy to know each other better, to understand and communicate more easily and, why not, to share the same passions with colleagues and friends.