Shipbuilder's Day

21 Jul 2015

After the Romanian War of Independence in 1877, the Dobrogea Region (the region by the Black Sea)  was returned to Romania after five centuries of Ottoman control.  The Romanian Navy was then equipped with Military ships and Romania began commercial shipping. 15 August is commemorating the death of Virgin Mary, who is also the spiritual protector of the Navy, so August 15 was naturally chosen as the Day of the Navy or the Marine Day.

  • It was first celebrated on board of Elisabeth cruiser by all the Sea Division officers August 15, 1902.

    In 1925 the sailors on board of vessel Mircea – now the school vessel of the Romanian Military Maritime Academy of Constanta – celebrated the Navy Day in harbours of Crete Island.

    In 1928 the festivities had special guests: Polish sailors from the vessel Lwów. It was the first time when a foreign crew participated in this national event.

    1933 added to the program various contests (boating, swimming, swimming horses, etc) and fun activities (like ducks chasing). Theatrical representations were included after the World War II, in 1956, when actors from the Naval Academy put in stage comedy sketches like “The Wedding Attacked by Pirates.” Neptune himself joined the festivities in his boat-chariot in 1958 and he has never left them ever since.

    The Constanta Harbour (or Tomis Harbour) becomes the main attraction of the season on this day, despite the fact that similar festivities are organized in other harbours as Galati, Mangalia, Tulcea or Orsova.

    Many things have changed since 1958: the celebration became richer, new games were added and new traditions emerged. The most spectacular part of the event takes place in front of the Casino in Constanta, which is situated in the immediate vicinity of the harbour.

    If you visit Romania in August and you happen to be at the Black Sea shore on the 15th, you will probably watch in wonder the military parades, the fireworks and the sea games, Neptune riding the waves on the back of a whale. It’s an event where optimism and appetency of life harmoniously blends with the celebration of those who have dedicated their life to the sea. Gunshots, dressing ship rainbow fashion, the speech of the Navy’s Commander, intonation of the national anthem, throwing a flower anchor into the water (for the memory of the sailor heroes), sailor sport games, vessels contests, fireworks, all these mark the importance of this event.”